Fusion of math, art and technology
Procedural Cardano NFTs
Pure beauty

About Mandelbrots NFTs

  • 10 000 unique procedurally generated NFTs
    featuring a beautiful fractal - Mandelbrot set
  • Full on-chain generation
    + downloadable pre-rendered 4K picture on IPFS for easy print as a bonus
  • Minted on Cardano
    low fees, next-generation blockchain.
  • Mint prices 16 - 25 ADA
    early adopters get NFT cheaper.

Price Tiers

  • Tier 1 ▸ 16 ADA ▸ 0 - 500 (presale)
  • Tier 2 ▸ 20 ADA ▸ 501 - 2000
  • Tier 3 ▸ 25 ADA ▸ 2001 - 4000


  • Oct 2021
    Limited presale on Discord
  • Oct 2021 regular drop
    Check Twitter and Discord
  • 31st Oct 2021 Halloween hour
    Halloween event for minting fire palette only.
  • 1st - 24th Dec 2021 Advent Calendar
    A rare hand-picked surprise for each day until 24th of December!
  • Jan 2022 Mandelbrot Gems airdrop #1
    Handpicked gems of Mandelbrots collection. Everyone who holds 18 or more Mandelbrots will be rewarded!
  • March 2022 Wallet integrations
    Connect with Nami wallet, easy buy
  • Future Claims & Rewards
    Private section where you can claim various future rewards
  • Future rewards
    Rewards for random Mandelbrots holders through claims & rewards system
  • Collaboration with other NFT projects, own set of levels in Collab Minter

Permissions & rights

Owner of a specific Mandlebrots NFT owns also a unlimited, worldwide and exclusive license to use, modify, copy, display and sell the purchased art, to use it for any commercial use.

Policy ID

Mandelbrots are minted under this policy ID: 7fd3ba96b30cfa7475fd9eb76fec669390a0aab9d9f012db5fba334e
Mandelbrot Gems and various future bonuses are minted with this policy ID: dde8208cea490965c82dd1de211e423c7848e3ba9128f4ea83bc568e


Reach us out on Twitter or Mandelbrots Discord.

Who is behind Mandelbrots?

Mandelbrots are created by Jiri Hysek, the creator of Crypto Heroez a successful Cardano NFT pixelart project.